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by Rashida Bartley The blog this week’s was originally to be about why the cannabis space is good for women and minority business owners to become as involved as possible and carve out their niche. That remains true and there will be a blog on the topic. However, the loss of Charlotte Fiji reportedly to Covid19 strikes the cannabis and CBD community hard. Charlotte suffered hundreds of seizures a day from a rare condition called Dravet Syndrome. The wider public got to know her after she was featured on a CNN special. That special also chronicled Colorado based Stanley Brothers...

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by Rashida Bartley As the world continues to face the global pandemic of Covid-19 also called novel coronavirus, anxiety is on the rise. Isolation, social distancing and generally not knowing what's going to happen next with the virus raises nervousness in us all. Humans naturally want to engage with one another; being told to hunker down and wait indefinitely can make the calmest person anxiousness. That being said we found it important to briefly post about how CBD can help manage anxiety. The choice to do a CBD regimen is a personal one and the informed consumer is always the best.  We are not saying...

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