Charlotte Figi Gone Too Soon

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Charlotte Figi Gone Too Soon

by Rashida Bartley

The blog this week’s was originally to be about why the cannabis space is good for women and minority business owners to become as involved as possible and carve out their niche. That remains true and there will be a blog on the topic.

However, the loss of Charlotte Fiji reportedly to Covid19 strikes the cannabis and CBD community hard. Charlotte suffered hundreds of seizures a day from a rare condition called Dravet Syndrome. The wider public got to know her after she was featured on a CNN special. That special also chronicled Colorado based Stanley Brothers who created the cannabidiol (CBD) which was a specific and particular heavy version of cannabis oil to treat her condition (in 2011).

Charlotte’s story and her smiling face brought much light to what the cannabis plant can do to change people’s lives. Her story broke myths about stoner culture and gave voice to those who no longer wanted to be shamed by one’s cannabis and CBD use.

Charlotte’s story embolden parents to move across cities, states and countries to do whatever they needed to do to be in a place where their children could got access to legal and safe cannabis products. Her family’s fight to give her a better quality of life showed the world there is a whole industry committed to raising awareness and providing products so people can just live.

The cannabis community ultimately is about people. People who want to be pain free. People who want to be illness and condition free. People who want to laugh, and play and go to the movies. People who want to take walks and ride bikes. People who want to carry out their life’s work. People who want to have a living wage and more. The community is not about old tropes of random folks blazed out of their minds doing whatever with not a thought for others. The community is about people and the culture of people trying to live well, as well as they can. We know this plant and its over 50,000 uses can help people live their lives.

Rest well Charlotte Figi, you inspired us all in your young life. You are gone too soon and for that the profound loss will be felt for many years to come.

Image: Post by Paige Figi