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    The AirVape X uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve the best heating. The X is the ultimate personal loose-leaf vaporizer featuring outstanding performance and the highest level of discreteness.

    The perfectly sized, oval shaped ceramic chamber, plus the compartment underneath that accumulates hot air, serve for extra smooth, original vapor and even heating.

    This miraculous device features a long functionality list: it vibrates when it is ready; elegant, 1.3 inch display to show battery level and for exact temperature and automatic shutoff timer adjustment.

    AirVape X is the most portable option to vaporize substance with its perfectly designed pocket fit and the vibrating function discretely warns you when X reached the temperature and when automatic shutoff timer goes off.


    • Used for Loose-leaf and Oil Concentrates

    • Weighs Only 3.2 oz

    • 0.48" Flat

    • Vibration when ready

    • 1300 mAh Rechargeable Battery

    • Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds to Optimal Level

    • 1.3 Inch Screen Displaying: Battery Level, Temperature, Automatic Shutoff Timer

    • Two button easy temperature control ↑↓ 

      • Micro USB Charging, Charge while use (if battery not depleted), 1 hr Charge Time 

      • Dual Filter, 3 AirFlow Chamber Ceramic mouthpiece

      • 200 F - 428 F Adjustable Temperature Scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius (93 C - 220 C)

      • Oval Ceramic Heating Chamber

      • EZ AirPath (Isolated)

      • Sturdy, Metal Body

      • Measurements: 4.1"L x 1.85"W x .48"H

      • Materials: Steel, Li-Ion, Ceramic


      - AirVape X
      - X Shell
      - Concentrates Pad Insert
      - USB Charger Cable
      - Cleaning, Packing Tools
      - Replacement Filter Screens 
      - User Manual
      - Limited Lifetime Warranty