Welcome To A New You

Welcome To A New You

Spring is here and for most people that means warmer weather and a chance to get outside. The season represents a point of renewal and freshness. Spring may be marked by donating clothes, declutter living spaces, finding new places to see, and exploring hobbies. Spring’s renewal energy makes is an optimum season to spark the DIY spirit in anyone.

The hemp and cannabis landscape has always been in a steady state of DIY. Often because of the lack of access to information or products. One of the most famous cannabis concentrates known as RSO or Rick Simpson Oil started as a DIY. In 2003 after noticing bumps on his skin, which would turn out to be a form of skin cancer known as basil cell carcinoma, he created a thick oil to use as a topical. Having knowledge and familiarity with using the cannabis plant to treat some previous medical issues he used his own DIY skillset to create RSO. Simpson’s belief in access led him to widely sharing the recipe online so people could make the concentrate themselves. It is said that at one point Simpson himself would give the oil away for free.

DIY might be appealing numbers or reasons. Ability to micro dose. The nearest dispensary is a considerable distance away. Need for a specific blend of strains that aren’t typically sold. Wanting to edibles that not only matches one’s palate, also the desire that maintain one’s nutrient desires. And lastly some people like doing things themselves.  

Most popular DIYs are edibles and topicals. Cookbooks and opensource recipes hit the market every day. What continues to be fun are the new appliances that makes it easier to be a culinary wizard in your own hemp and cannabis kitchen. These appliances serve more than one function when it comes to making topical and/or bath and body products.

When making your own infused products there are a few essentials to have on hand. A decarboxylator is crucial. This step prepares your cannabis or hemp consumption. Without this step the raw plant material isn’t usable by the body’s cannabinoid receptors. An infuser is another useful appliance for bring all your ingredient together for a useable final product. It makes at-home projects seamless and self-sufficient vs doing certain tasks by hand. Decarboxlator and infuser can be found in all-in-one appliances as well. Once you’ve made you infused products and treats, storing them properly insurers that no leafy goes to waste. 

For those who are lucky enough to live in a state, city, town, or country that allows individual to grow their own small batches a green thumb may await this spring. Growing your own batch can be educational and empowering. On the educational side, to watch from seed to harvest allows understanding the many components of the plant. Hence a much-gained respect of what it takes to harness the healing plant properties.

Empowerment comes from the fact that so many cannabis advocates have long fought for the rights of individuals to able to have access to their own plants for private use without fear of retribution or imprisonment; that taking advantage of the headway made continues to push advocacy forward with every seeding. For the first time grower strain such as Blue Dream, Sour OG, Northern Lights, Super Lemon Haze, and Jack Herer. Budtenders are an excellent resource when sourcing your next hemp and cannabis garden.


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