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    The new Vista Mini is a portable electronic dab rig. All in the palm of your hands. The mini produces a lighter vapor then your usual torch powered dab rigs so if the usual thick dab hits are too much for you then the vista mini may be perfect for you. It can be used for oils, waxes and concentrates.

    Who’s the Vista Mini for?

    XVape stays ahead of the latest vaping technology and trends for concentrates with their newest and possibly coolest portable Vaporizer ever.

    Lightweight and compact, it’s cute as hell and lights up in different colors when you draw from it making it the hands down smash hit at parties and small vaping seshes.


    The Worlds 1st Wireless Charging Concentrates

    One thing that at the moment is unique to the Vista Mini is the vista mini wireless charger ability to charge without a wire. All you need to do is sit the vista mini down on the wireless charger and it will charge. 


    Water Diffusion

    The Vista Mini holds a small amount of water. Just enough to smooth out the vapor before leaving the unit through the 14mm female glass joint, through the stem and all up in your lungs. 


    Easily Replaceable Atomizer

    This is one part where you could almost say is a sacrificial part. At some point due to either failure or poor performance you may need to replace the atomizer. This is simple and easy to do just by twisting the atomizer off and replacing with a new one.


    Whats in the Box

    Vista Mini

    1 Vista Mini Carb Cap

    1 Stem

    1 Metal Mouthpiece Screen

    1 Set Of O-rings

    1 USB Cable

    1  Concentrate Tool

    Glass Joint Clip

    1 Funnel


    Technical Specifications

    Detachable glass bubbler

    Easy to clean

    3 Fantastic LED light

    2000mAh battery

    Loading wax while puffing

    Wireless/USB charging

    Compact size

    Replaceable Ceramic coil