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    Powerful, versatile and highly portable, the GIG wax pen is built with a replaceable coil-less ceramic bowl, that's compatible and interchangeable with refillable oil cartridges or disposable cartridges. Completed with a duo charging ports, iPhone Lightning & USB port, with an optional battery size to choose from 320mAh or 650mAh, along with 4 preset temperature settings from soft mode to cleaning mode. 


    1. Housing: Medical grade stainless steel
    2. Diameter: 14mm
    3. Length: 115mm(GIG), 129mm(GIG PRO)
    4. Weight: 1.8 ounce (GIG), 2 ounce (GIG PRO)
    5. Battery Capacity: 320mAh (GIG), 650mAh (GIG PRO)
    6. Industry standard 510 threaded battery
    7. Resistance: 0.9Ω
    8. Press the button 3 times to change the temperature settings.
    9. Soft mode: Blue-2.1v
    10. Flavour mode: Green-3.0v
    11. Session mode: Yellow-3.7v
    12. Cleaning mode: Red-4.2v
    13. Charging: LED lights in red during the charging process and turns off when charge is complete.


    1. GIG vaporizer
    2. USB charging cable
    3. User manual
    4. Dabbing tool


    Our GIG is a portable wax pen that excels beyond its appearance. We focused on improving the flaws of all the current concentrate vape pen products on the market. The answer to a better dabbing experience is the material used to heat the wax material with the precise temperature setting combined with the heating element. The GIG's ceramic coil-less heating chamber, with 4 customized preset heating modes for smoothness and clouds production.

    Heating Chamber

    An additional feature of the GIG is its ability to clean the bowl with high temperature setting. The cleaning mode will indicate that it's on with a red light to finish the rest of the remaining materials in the bowl while getting the same tasteful clouds on high heating session. Cleaning the heating chamber before each session will provide a clean taste and optimal vaping experience, but try to avoid cleaning the center of the bowl that may cause damage to the heating element. Reuse the coil-less wax atomizer heating chamber many times before having to replace it for only $15.00. Use our portable wax vaporizer with any prefilled 510 threaded connection cartridge that has the top air flow.

    Does not waste wax

    We decided to go without any coils with our heating chamber because they leave behind wax residue, this left-over wax will affect the taste. Heating coils tend to make direct contact with the materials, the Gig wax pen is a step ahead of this problem by avoiding any coils and instead we used a coil-less ceramic bowl. The walls of the ceramic heating chamber also warm up to evenly distribute heat effect to the concentrates. Keep reading to learn more about the GIG.

    Long Lasting Wax Pen Battery

    We created two battery options for your dabbing preference.

    Some people vape more often than others, and we considered that. We offer two battery size options for our GIG dab pen. The battery capacity for our regular GIG is 320mAh, and the PRO edition is 650mAh. We recommend the smaller size battery for people who don’t vape often. The PRO edition GIG is perfect for those who frequently vape throughout their day into the night.

    There are four different temperature options available, these preset temperatures each have a purpose.

    • Soft mode (2.1v) – Blue Light
    • Flavor mode (3.0v) – Green Light
    • Session mode (3.7v) Yellow Light
    • Cleaning mode (4.2v) Red Light

    We made it easy to switch between each temperature by pressing a button three times. The color from its LED light will indicate what mode is currently on. The lowest setting is at 2.1 voltages with a blue light to indicate its on. The next temperature is designed for the best flavor from concentrate, a green light indicates this temperature mode. After that is the mode for vaping nice sizable dabs efficiently, a yellow light will show it’s in session mode. It’s essential to understand higher temperatures setting during a session will consume the battery faster. Using this wax pen at a low temperature will increase its battery life and sessions before needing a charge. The last temperature is design to finish off what's left in the bowl, this light is red.

    Refillable Oil Vape Cartridge Attachment

    The GIG is compatible with pre-filled cartridges to refill distillate and CO2 oil. Vape distillate oil or CO2 efficiently with our refillable oil tank cartridge attachment. Experience smooth, clean tasting vape hits from your favorite concentrate oils with the GIG. We recommend refilling with concentrate oil inside of a syringe using a blunt tip. Another critical feature that stands out is its versatility by removing the bowl and twist on the oil cart and turn it to a oil pen. With our refillable oil cartridge tanks, there is little to no drag for a superior vaping experience. The GIG refillable oil cartridge has an affordable price at only $15.00. Our refillable cartridge's atomizer are premium and it'll last a long time, so you can expect to be able to refill it plenty of times.

    Refilling your own vape cartridges is much cheaper than buying prefilled cartridges. Concentrate oil is available for sale at lower prices in syringes than in vape cartridges. Taking the time to refill your vape cartridge with our GIG will save you a substantial amount of money. Refill up to a gram of concentrate oil of any density. You will be able to vape the thickest distillates almost effortlessly. This may be a daunting task for some, but for those who are willing to refill their vape cartridges will reap the cost-saving benefits.

    Wax Pen Vs. Oil Pen

    The GIG can be both, a vape pen for wax and oil concentrate. Both types of vaping methods have their advantages that we are going to explain here.

    We will first start with the advantages of the wax pen;

    • Consume more massive amounts of concentrate in one puff.
    • Enjoy a vast selection of various types of wax and oil concentrates.
    • Reach a higher intensity of high.

    Now we are going to discuss the benefits of the oil vape cartridge;

    • Get a lot more sessions vaping oil compared to a wax pen.
    • Save a lot of money with more sessions.
    • Terpenes mixed with concentrated oil are perfect for discreet sessions.

    Now that we covered the strengths of both, the wax and oil pen, we are going to go over the weaknesses’. We made sure to improve upon well-known shortcomings of wax pens and oil cartridges. Lower quality oil cartridges are notorious for leaking. Wax pens can be messy but with our ceramic heating chamber its easy to load concentrate. The wax concentrate is more expensive compared to refilling your own cartridges.

    Not all vape pens for wax are the same

    As previously mentioned we know the dab pen market inside out. After trying out numerous supposedly best dab pens and oil pens, we developed the GIG vape pen. We encourage our potential GIG buyers to do their research and explore through the reviews of our customers. We take pride in this wax pen we built because we are also users of the GIG. It was our goal to create the best dab pen money can buy! Take your dabs on the go and have the option to refill your vape cartridges with the GIG.

    Our oil tank may be a bit smaller than the average cartridge for oil; however, its efficiency in vaping concentrated oil will impress you. The atomizer is durable and reusable more than enough times to pay for itself in savings. The key to success with our GIG vape pen was the highest quality materials used to create it. Reusing the GIG’s recommended oil cartridge many times won’t be a problem with its high-quality build. Turn the GIG into a oil pen with this attachment for only $15.00.

    The air-holes on the GIG’s heating chamber (wax atomizer) enhances the vaping experience with little to no resistance for a puff. There are inferior wax pens that make the user pull hard for vapor, we solve this vape pen flaw commonly found with many dab pens. Our dab pen will allow you to vape effortlessly and is recommended for all users.

    How To Use The Gig Wax Pen?

    We made it easier than ever to vape concentrates by simplifying the process. The GIG includes a dab tool for making it easy to scoop any type of concentrate on the ceramic heating chamber.  Clicking the power button five times will turn on the device. Clicking the power button an additional five times will turn it off.

    After a session, we recommend cleaning the ceramic heating chamber right away. Switch over to cleaning mode by pressing the button three times until the red light is flashing. Allow any excess wax material to evaporate into the air as the GIG cleans it with high heating. The wax atomizer bowl will not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Keeping the device clean after each session will extend its duration of use. Cleaning the GIG's bowl with a cotton swab to soak up any of the excess wax left over on the sides of the bowl, and do not clean the center of the bowl that'll risk of damaging the heating element.

    Smart Charging; Red light indicates its charging, and it'll automatically stop charging once is fully charged and charging indicator is off.