hand-blown glass STEAMROLLER

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    • 9 Inches
    • Hand-Blown
    • Air Carb Hole
    • Bonus Chamber
    • Cools & Diffuses Vapor
    • Designed by Herbalizer

    The new Herbalizer Steamroller takes vaporizing with the Herbalizer vaporizer to new, unprecedented heights. Designed to provide cleaner, smoother, tastier and more intense direct draws, this hand-blown glass steamroller is manufactured by Herbalizer specifically for the Herbie. Equipped with an air carb hole for more controlled inhalation as well as a bonus inner chamber which cools and diffuses vapor, this custom glass steamroller fits snugly over the Herbalizer's magnetic bowl, with rubber grips creating a secure seal. Achieve the most complete and satisfying vaporization experience possible with the Herbalizer + the Herbalizer Steamroller.

    • 1 x Herbalizer Steamroller