About Us, Getting to Know Two Lifelong Friends at High Grade Vape

High Grade Vape Biography

And where it all started with two lifelong friends.

Rodney Demas a.k.a "Demas" and Rashida Bartley HighGradeVape.com is about access and experience.

Access to the best products on the market and the ease of getting those products.

The cannabis market is exploding as the plant becomes legal in more states and (countries) around the world. People are finding more uses and applications for the plant. Along with more uses, there is a need for more accessories, consumption tools, storage, cleaning needs, and diversity in products.

Because of the longtime stigma of cannabis use, connoisseurs of the plant are often subjected to subpar products and services. This was the case with Demas when trying to find high quality, stylish vaporizers at vape shops or online. Repeatedly, Demas found himself going to vape shops looking for vaporizers, accessories, grinders, storage and cleaning solutions only to get products that lasted a few months or were not suitable for his needs and style aesthetic.

Demas, a serial entrepreneur with a background in entertainment, luxury goods, IT and logistics decided to look to his career experience to solve the problem ofwasted time and money. Having built brand partnerships with Hennessey Cognac, Martell Cognac, Seagram's and others; Demas felt the same luxury experience that lovers of fine spirits and cigars enjoy could be applied to the Cannabis industry and its surrounding markets.

Rashida never thought about the subject of chronic pain or not having agency over her own body.That changed in 2014 when she started suffering from severe unknown hip pain.Searching for relief she went down a path of few answers, more questions, X-rays, MRIs and drugs that worked temporarily or not at all. At her lowest point, depressed and suicidal she called her parents and told them she needed to come visit for fear of suffering alone would cause undo harm to herself.

Later she confidedin a close friend who is a Cannabis chef. Her friend gave her a homemade topical CBD oil and within weeks her pain dissipated and eventually disappeared. With continued CBD usage Rashida lives a pain free life. Having gone from a pain free existence to constantly managing chronic pain with the use of CBD, Rashida is determined to advocate for education, access and quality products for all who need them and want them.

HighGradeVape.com is an authorized dealer of every product found on the site. Each item has been carefully chosen based on credibility, quality and design aesthetics. Authenticity is our top concern, which is why all products have been vetted for certification and transparency.

HighGradeVape.com is set on access, education and equity when it comes to the Cannabis Industry. In that spirit we are members of both Minorities For Medical Marijuana and The National Institute for Cannabis Investors. In addition, we are also members of the American Medical Marijuana Physician's Association. This allows us the ability to take part in high level conversations with researchers, scientists and physicians, as well as, finance experts and advocates in the Medical Marijuana space.Finally, we have established a partnership with MarijuanaDoctors.com to aid physicians and patients in achieving maximum security, convenience and regulatory compliance in the consultation-recommendation-dispensing process./


To ensure that we are abreast of the evolving Cannabis industry we have medical professionals, current and former legislators, and social justice advocates as our advisors.

Welcome to your premier online boutique for the discerning connoisseur.

Thank you,
High Grade Vape Team