Let's Give

Let's Give

The holiday season is upon us and with everything that has happened in 2020 there is nothing like a thoughtful gift to lift the spirits of those closest to us. What’s a better gift than one that can help with everyday wellness and luxury? To help you find the perfect slice of luxury for the connoisseurs in your life we’d like to introduce our holiday gift picks, a weekly series that we hope will guide you through the holiday season and beyond.


Gron Hair Mask

So let’s start with beauty! Whether we’ve been locked down or we’re planning for a re-emergence after lockdown for those who are looking to take care of their crown and glory start here. GrönCBD Repair Adaptable Hair Mask with 150mg of CDB is a sumptuous gift for the “hairlista” in your world. Both our founder and our founder’s mother swears by it for their hair! It coats and seals ends while leaving hair soft and nourished. This mask is loaded with goodness such as shea butter, castor seed oil, vitamins E and B5, and of course CBD! CBD which can nourish and strength hair and ultimately promote hair growth!


Magical Butter Machine

For those who are in legal states and have embraced the DIY mood of these current times how about turning up recipes with some infused butter starting with the Magical Butter Machine. User friendly this powerful machine can offer a whole new frontier to the home chef who is micro-dosing via edibles. Not your grandmother’s edibles anymore!


Mary's Elite Patch

We can’t end our list without adding something that addresses overall wellness. One of our core goals is to source products that help people live a pain free life. Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Patch is a nice way to discretely address pain relief. This laser cut unscented patch comfortably stays on your skin for hours. With its flexible design the wearer can put it on and forget about it. 

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