All Black Everything Edition

All Black Everything Edition

It may look a little different in 2020 but it's here, Black Friday! In honor of Black Friday we put together a little something featuring some of our favorite products that come in black.

Dr. Dabber - Switch

The Switch blends nicely into any Nero intense room design. Not only is this piece sleek it's beyond functional. Some of the wonderful features include - induction heat for fast and consistent flavor, 25 calibrated heat settings, self-cleaning that burns away residue and many more fantastic features.



Cloudious9 - Tectonic9 

Upgrade your traditional grinder to a smooth auto dispensing Tectonic9 grinder. With the press of a button the diamond shaped grinding teeth provides a beautiful fluffy grind. Good to go!

Ghost Vape MV1 

Not only is the Ghost MV1 sharp in appearance it is optimum for the use of medical and food grade materials with its true convection technology. The possibility of charring or combustion is eliminated because this delivers cool vapor of the highest purity every session, allowing retention of a quality flavor profile from your favorite herbs.


Jane West - The Compact

If you are on the go The Compact is a discrete carrying case that keeps your personal flower out of sight and ready to use when you get to the privacy of your on home. Gone are the days of having your products slushing around in the bottom of your bag.  

Hemp Meds - Revitalizing Body Wash

We couldn't end this post without a little self-care in the form of a CBD product. The contents aren't black but the packaging is and will look great in a chic black and white bathroom. The Revitalizing Body Wash is sulfate-free and infused with CBD oil and omega 3,6 and 9 - giving your skin soothing relief as it cleanses. 

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