Don’t give up just yet!

Don’t give up just yet!

When people speak with us either online or in person about CBD, we often hear the following:

Will it get me high? I heard so much about it but when I tried it, I don’t think it worked. It worked before but not anymore.  All these comments could easily point to “wanting to write off CBD” but people shouldn't for several reasons. One of the main reasons for keeping CBD on the short list is a solution hasn't been found to why they sought out CBD or THC products in the first place. What has been tried in the past still doesn’t. To implement CBD into your life there are few fundamental things that one should keep in mind. And that is what CBD can and cannot help with, knowing your goal for using CBD, and how to use CBD for your overall benefit and goals.

What it won’t do: 
CBD and/or THC won’t correct glaring lifestyle changes that need to happen. Major example - if a person is using CBD to reduce pain caused by inflammation and is eating high quantities of inflammatory food such very sugary foods then the benefits of hemp or cannabis products will be dampened, or nil based on lifestyle choices. Before declaring that your CBD or THC product did nothing for stress or anxiety make sure to do an honest assessment of external of lifestyle factors and stressors that may be impeding the full use of your plant wellness life.

How to determine your goal:
When adding CBD to your wellness plan always keep in mind your overall goal. Are you adding CBD for pain management or anxiety reduction, do you have a specific medical directive from your recommending doctor that needs to be followed to the letter? Your overall goal guides you on the types of products you should look for and more importantly specifically ask about. It does not help you to buy products that state they will help things you were not looking to help to begin with. Yes, be open to hearing new information because for many people this is the first time navigating these waters, however; do not be afraid to be specific about your personal needs. And if you are not finding what you are looking for, exercise your agency to keep looking. The key is don’t just take what is offer to you if it is not matching your overall goal.

How to incorporate it into your lifestyle: 
There are times when people report that products didn’t work or stopped working at some point. To get the best out of your product maintaining a regimen is key. For example, incorporating 10mg gummy each night before bedtime to help with sleep may yield better results than taking a 50mg gummy after four nights of insomnia. The smaller dosage may help your body access the CBD on a continuum rather than a large jolt of CBD to your system. This regimen example can also allow a person to determine how small of a dose to start with. When building and maintaining a hemp or cannabis regimen wise wisdom leans towards start small and build from there. It’s helpful to think - just as one would take a daily vitamin or do a daily exercise routine same time throughout the week brings better results, compared to doing any of these things occasionally.  When making your purchase do not be afraid to ask the seller or company for best practices when it comes to usage. Company directions are born out of research and case studies conducted before bringing the product to the market – following suggested directions can improve ongoing results.

How to choose products right for you:
Transparency and inquiries are some of the best tools to help figure out what is the best product for you. Many people from budtenders to business owners have a personal relationship with the plant. Their journey is also filled with trial and trial of product buys and sampling. This knowledge can open the door for a transparent conversation of what you are seeking the plant to do for your body. They have been through or worked with people who have or are experiencing similar situations as yourself.  Many in the arena want to assist those who are willing to shake off the stigma and search for a plant-based solutions to either fixing a health issue or improving one’s complete wellness.


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