Teaching Series: Caring For Furry Friends

Teaching Series: Caring For Furry Friends

Why would someone give their pet CBD? If you have ever seen an anxious animal at the airport or sat next to one on a plane imagine that level of anxiety all the time; that may give a little bit of insight as to why CBD may be introduced into a pet’s life.

Let’s dig deeper.

Because fur babies can’t always speak for themselves it is important to say upfront, when giving anything to your pet companion talk to your veterinarian about risks, side effects and any potential current medication interactions. When administering CBD to your pet monitoring them is crucial – if something seems not quite right with intended the results discontinue and regroup. Make sure the pet product isn’t packed with lots of artificial ingredients, heavy sugar, and/or tons of coloring (if any). Check for food grade toxins harmful to pets. For example, chocolate tastes delicious but it's not good for our furry friends. Most pet products are ingestible therefore you don’t want to add something that is counterproductive to your pet’s nutrition.  Product quality just like it is for humans is key for our pets. 

CBD does not get your pet high because like in humans the THC content is too low to induce a high effect. Oral forms of pet products are capsules, treats or tinctures.  

Some CBD benefits for pets range from mood stabilization to managing physical ailments. For older animals addressing the chronic pain of arthritis through reducing inflammation by way of CBD can enhance your pets’ senior years.  For serious pet conditions such as seizures using CBD can be a turning point to the quality of a pet’s life.

Reducing anxiety could be the most popular use of CBD for animals. Pet anxiety may show up as marking and urination throughout the home, destroying items, excessive barking/hissing, crying, pacing, panting, drooling, and/or aggression towards family or visitors. These types of behaviors can be heartbreaking for the pet and pet parent. No one wants to be faced with the tough decision of removing or letting the pet companion go. Having tools that can assist with calming your pet is a game changer. Starting off with the smallest dosage for your pet is a best practice. Again, you are looking for signs of progress and change in behavior and keenly monitoring for any side effects.

It may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to notice any initial changes or side effects with your pet therefore please allot a good amount of observational time when introducing CBD into your pet’s daily life. Monitor the pet’s weight, waste movements, appetite, socializing with other pets and human companions. These can be indicators of the effectiveness of your pet’s CBD regimen. You may need to increase, decrease, or keep dosage the same depending on fluctuations in these physical or behavioral changes.   


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