Spotlight On - Hemp Meds Real Scientific Hemp Oil

Spotlight On - Hemp Meds Real Scientific Hemp Oil

We're offering a little calm to the holiday season by spotlighting a best seller which is - Hemp Meds Real Scientific Hemp Oil. There's a lot of CBD products out there to sift through and cut to the chase here are some highlights for a more rounded understanding of the Hemp Meds line. This line has easy to use tinctures, individual oral applicators and isolate options.  

A Little Background On Hemp Meds RSHO

Hemp Meds RSHO if known for their quality, providing  the purest form of CBD hemp oil in their RSHO™ hemp oil. This is also the most potent of their product lines.

Each label class provides varying amounts of CBD. Here's the breakdown:  Green Label RSHO™ contains 50 mg of CBD per serving, the Blue Label has 85 mg, and purified Gold Label RSHO™ tops out with 120 mg of CBD per serving. They also have RSHO™ Special Blend, which contains 190 mg of CBD per half gram serving, the highest of their CBD supplements. RSHO™ pure hemp oil is the choice for customers looking to integrate the highest concentration of CBD into their diet. This line is versatile enough depending on which product, can be taken as a tincture to adding to smoothie or drinks, customer's choice. 


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