The MV1 portable vaporizer has been designed and engineered entirely from the ground up using only custom designed, tooled and manufactured components. The use of medical grade materials and our own proprietary technology have resulted in a product that delivers a truly revolutionary vaping experience.

The MV1 distributes heat evenly thanks to an innovative diffuser. This means no charring of material and no need to stir in-between vapes. The even distribution of heat also provides excellence in purity for the duration of every session, retaining all the flavors of your favorite natural herbs, with zero taste distortion. With the GHOST MV1 you will actually taste what you smell for the first time.


Thanks to its advanced patented Heat Exchanger, the MV1 is the only dry herb vaporizer that can go from a standing start to your selected temperature in a matter of seconds while holding it there precisely for the longest of vapes.

Our On-Demand technology ensures that the removable crucible remains cool between vapes, preventing material degradation and allowing for multiple sessions, while saving money at the same time.


Our high capacity removable battery pack provides massive power, safely and efficiently thanks to its own dedicated circuit board.

The Industry leading performance of the GHOST MV1 provides significantly more sessions between charges than any other product, so frequent daily charging is now a distant memory for serious vaping enthusiasts.

The revolutionary heat exchanger and heat sink work together to make the MV1 more efficient than conventional products. Maximising efficiency and reducing overall power consumption, further increases the battery life between charges.


The exclusive use of medical and food grade materials, combined with true convection, no possibility of charring or combustion and our proprietary heat sink, delivers cool vapor of the highest purity every session.

No other product is capable of faithfully retaining the flavor profiles of your favorite herbs quite like the GHOST MV1 vaporizer.

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