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For a vape experience like no other, try our Primary Jane PJ Pure  CBD vape cartridges. Each of these 0.5ml or 1ml CBD oil cartridges contain 300mg/0.5ml or 1.0ml/600mg of organic full spectrum CBD oil that is CO2 extracted and lab tested. There are NO carrier liquids cut with this product – just natural plant derived terpenes and flavors with a phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp CBD extract.

Choose from strawberry, grape, bubble gum, and fruit splash flavors.

These are highly concentrated phyto-cannabinoid rich CBD vape cartridges, meant to deliver faster results with fewer “puffs”. If you prefer to vape more frequently then we recommend that you purchase a less concentrated vape oil in bottle form.

PJ PURE CBD cartridges connect to any common 510 thread battery.

Ingredients: full spectrum hemp oil (from organically grown hemp), organic botanical terpenes with natural flavor.

Dosage information:

7 inhalations = Approx. 10mg CBD; About 180 puffs per 0.5ml cartridge

7 inhalations = Approx. 10mg CBD; About 360 puffs per 1ml cartridge

Darkening of oil:

Oil darkening is normal, especially in a high milligram, full spectrum CBD vape pen cartridge. Each time you vape you are exposing the oil to heat and oxygen – the two elements that trigger oxidation, which is the prime contributor to the natural darkening process. Keep your cartridge out of heat, over exposure to sunlight, and use within 1 month for the best results and least amount of oil discoloration.


  • No carrier liquids (PG, PEG, MCT, VG, ect)
  • Winterized for removal of lipids and cuticle parts
  • At or below 0.3% THC
  • Flavored with organic plant derived terpenes
  • CO2 extracted from non-GMO organically grown hemp
  • Full spectrum, phyto-cannabinoid rich extract to deliver the “entourage effect”
  • Lab tests for a full range of cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDV.
  • Multiple naturally derived flavors available


Why our CCELL vape cartridges are superior:

  • Oil touches the copper constructed body and glass only – copper does not corrode so no metals get into the vape
  • CCELL vape technology provides the best vape possible with no leaks
  • White ceramic mouth piece
  • Ceramic coil
  • Borosilicate glass tank
  • 510 universal threading
  • Silicon thread skirt included


RETURN POLICY: We have a no refund/no exchange policy on PJ Pure vape cartridges. There is no way for us to resell a consumable product without a tamper evident seal (such as a vape cartridge) once it has left our facility. Our CCELL cartridges are the highest quality vape carts on the market and rarely fail, however, if by chance there is an operational issue with your cartridge then please email us and we will do our best to facilitate the issue. 


Terpene Flavor Profiles:

Bubble Gum: PJ Pure Bubble Gum is a nearly-perfect hybrid terpene profile, comprised of 55% indica terpenes and 45% sativa terpenes. As a hybrid, Bubble Gum combines the relaxing effect of indica with the medicinal properties of sativa. This results in a calming, but not too drowsy, vaping experience. Though bubble gum itself is not derived from nature, our natural bubble gum vape is comprised of strawberry, banana, cherry, orange, and lemon flavor extracts to create this unique profile.

Grape: Grape is an indica-dominant terpene hybrid that adds grapefruit genetics to the mix for a spirit lifting, yet relaxing effect. Grapes contain powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Coupled with the power of CBD, our grape vape can do wonders for managing pain.

Strawberry: Our strawberry terpenes are derived from a potent sativa blend, producing a delightful experience that makes many users feel invigorated and euphoric. Strawberry has relaxing and stress-relieving properties, resulting in a calming sensation. Sativa blends are also ideal for morning or daytime vaping, due to their energizing effects.

Fruit Splash: Revive with this hybrid terpene fruity flavor profile that combines the essence of pineapples, blueberries, strawberries, and watermelons! Hybrid indica/sativa terpene blends produce a relaxing and uplifting experience.


Disclaimer: Although PJ Pure is carrier free, all natural, our hemp oil is organically grown, and it is 3rd party lab tested for impurities … we still feel responsible to remind our customers that there are not enough studies done on any vape product (CBD or nicotine) to determine whether or not there are any long term health concerns. Please vape at your own risk.


All ingredients and products are independently tested via ProVerde Labs to ensure they are free of all pesticides, solvents, contaminants and THC.

To view Certificate of Analysis (COA), click here.